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Prague Yellow Line Walk

Quite often I like to walk from Zličín to Nové Butovice. This path has a really nice part starting somewhere on Stodůlky up until Nové Butovice. This is A bicycle path.

A few times I went to Anděl and even Národní třída. I though - well, can I go up to Černý Most? Can I walk the whole yellow metro line?

So, on Saturday 18th November I decided to go. I took:

I went without any stops (except traffic lights) for 5 hours 58 minutes in total covering 27.8 km.

Google Fit says that over this walk I spent ~1600 calories which is incredible. I calculated that I need about 2000 to 2300 calories to stay in the current weight. So, 1600 is more than 2/3 of my daily needs.

Somewhere near Radlická I started feeling some muscles wanting to rest. Passing Vysočanská my legs were really hurting and I was thinking about making a short stop, but it wasn't thaaat bad. Of course, all of that was only muscle pain, no joints or strange unpleasant feelings.

Overall, this was an interesting experience. Now I thinking about going along Green and Red lines; both of them are shorter. In terms of joy, I think it's too long. My mind was really enjoying first 2 hours of the walk but then I needed to focus much more than is pleasant for a walk. I blame it on the fact that in about 2 hours I got to the city center, where I had to be careful in the crowd and is that muscle pain become really noticeable which quite destructing.

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